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dynamic debt management expertise

At Open Assets we take a dynamic approach to debt management, focused on debt sales and purchases, brokering and placing debt portfolios with the right third party collection agencies.

Our purpose is to give our clients access to lucrative debt portfolios, to provide unsurpassed consultation services, and to offer proven portfolio marketing solutions. We take pride in our work, maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards while attaining unmatched results. You can count on Open Assets for all of your debt management needs.

why we’re successful

core values

We are the best because we work with the best. At Open Assets, our goal is simple: to bring together the right debt portfolios and their sellers with the right buyers. We do this by maintaining the highest possible standards, bringing both our proven business acumen and absolute ethical standards to bear in everything we do.

high quality

Be assured that every portfolio we bring to the marketplace is put through a thorough due diligence process that ensures a clear chain of title. In turn, we screen our buyers and sellers to ensure they are both reputable and financially viable. This results in the secure, high-quality portfolios on which we’ve built our reputation for excellence and profitability.

proven strategy

Because we listen to you, the customer, Open Assets can build you a portfolio that meets your exact needs. We ask the right questions, carefully consider your answers, and then search the marketplace to find the solutions that will help you reach your goals. If you have specific categories you want to purchase—date, age, state—we will find them for you. We keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry, constantly looking for new sellers of credit card, and mortgage debt and using them to build up our customers’ portfolios.

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